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UTeach Computer Science

UTeach CS Principles

The UTeach Computer Science Principles (CSP) is a five-day summer professional development opportunity using classroom-ready Computer Science curriculum taught by national experts. It is available to West Virginia high school teachers with a variety of content backgrounds and levels of expertise (including those with NO prior computer science content background or level of experience). The training is supported with comprehensive teacher materials that are flexible and easy to use in a variety of classroom settings. 

UTeach Computer Science

WHEN: July 17-21, 2017 (8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.) 

WHERE: WVU Center for Excellence in STEM Education's WVUteach House (2916 University Avenue, Morgantown, WV 26505) 

COST: FREE! (includes training, lodging, lunch, materials, including full curricular materials for all students in participating teachers classrooms, as well as the academic year support (normally $2,400 per teacher)). Teacher's will actually be paid a $600 stipend! 

APPLICATION DEADLINE: April 19, 2017  (applications will be available starting on March 23, 2017). Applications Closed.

Why Computer Science?
Open doors for students
  • Computer Science (CS) is the future. 67% of all new STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) jobs are in computer science. Computing jobs are growing at 2x the national average. And technology skills are increasingly required in fields outside STEM.
  • CS is more than coding. It develops logical thinking, problem solving, and creativity in students - skills that are critical in ALL subjects.
  • CS education is a priority. Demand for computer science education is high. 90% of parents say they want their children to learn computer science.

What is UTeach CS Principles?

A Computer Science course for all students
  • UTeach CSP is a complete high school curriculum - designed by University of Texas at Austin computer scientists and experienced high school computer science teachers - that introduces students to the big ideas in the field of computer science through inquiry - and project-based learning approaches.
  • UTeach CSP is designed to engage students from diverse backgrounds and those who are new to computing. The course has been refined over four years of field testing with more than 700 students in 40+ classrooms.
  • UTeach CSP is recommended by the National Science Foundation
  • UTeach CSP engages all students in authentic, project-based learning to develop computational thinking through:
    • Collaborative problem-solving 
    • Creative design of unique solutions
    • Data representation through modeling and simulations
    • Algorithmic reasoning

Computational Thinking = Critical Thinking + The Power of Computing

How do I Expand Computer Science at my School or District?

Build, Develop, Connect
  • Build a computer science program that engages ALL students. UTeach CSP is designed to involve students in thinking about big ideas and prepare them to be successful in advanced computing courses.
  • Develop a corps of computer science teachers. UTeach - the nationally acclaimed STEM teacher preparation program - provides training and year-round support to teachers with any content background or level of experience who have an interest in teaching computer science.
    • Intense five-day professional learning workshops to prepare teachers to teach the UTeach CSP course.
    • Remote micro-workshops to help teachers prepare for each unit before it begins.
    • Personalized email and phone support provided by a teacher with experience implementing the curriculum in a high school classroom.
    • A web-based community of practice that encourages UTeach CS educators nationwide to share resources and suggestions.
  • Connect students to CS. UTeach provides resources and ongoing support to district and school administrators, school counselors, teachers, and parents that enable ALL students to take computer science. 
    • Information on the demand for computer science skills and postsecondary and career opportunities
    • Information sessions, training, and advising materials to help counselors and teachers recruit and support students.

Supporting Partners:

The Education Alliance                                         UTeach Institute