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WVUCE-STEM is actively engaged in increasing STEM education funding to WVU to allow us to achieve our goals of improving STEM education at WVU and in the state, as well as developing national STEM education models.


An innovative program uniting in-depth science and mathematics education with teacher preparation.

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Improving the education of future physics teachers.

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Modeling STEM retention and departure across Physics, Mathematics, and Engineering.

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Understanding and improving collegiate persistence and STEM opportunities for developmental Mathematics students.

Engineering Essentials

A course to introduce non-calculus ready first year engineering students to engineering concepts and critical thinking skills.


An NSF award of nearly $955,000 that will provide five-year merit scholarships to students enrolled in the Academy of Engineering Success, or AcES, which is an academic success and professional development bridge program designed for first-time freshman in the Fundamentals of Engineering Program

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