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STEM Education References

Local Level
WVU K-12
WVU for teachers, Next Generation Open Educational Resources, Access WVU: Early College Program.

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State Level

West Virginia EcosySTEM
West Virginia Department of Education

2016 West Virginia A-F School Accountability System Report Cards Summary
WVDE Innovation in Education
WVDE STEM Office of Middle/Secondary Learning: Monthly Webinars
WVDE Career Technical Education: STEM/IT Career Clusters
WVDE: Technology Showcase
Education Alliance
The Education Alliance's 2016 Annual Report
The Education Alliance's Comprehensive Analysis on Summative Assessment's
Education Alliance: STEM Network Schools
WV Council on STEM Report
WV Governor's STEM Initiative: STEM Mini-Grants
WV Statewide After-School Network: STEM Plan
NASA IV&V Educator Resource Center
Neurite: A STEM Magazine for West Virginia Students

National Level

ACT, (2014). The condition of STEM 2013: National. ACT, Inc., Iowa City, IA. Available from:

CADRE Early Career Guide: Tips for Early Career STEM Education Researchers

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STEM Education Coalition
The Case for Investing in Out-of-School Learning as a Core Strategy in Improving Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Education

US Department of Education Office of Innovation & Improvement STEM Resources