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Advisory Board

The WVU Center for Excellence in STEM Education is governed by an Advisory Board made up of the following individuals:

Michael Feder, Senior Policy Advisor, BOSE Public Affairs Group
Has over 10 years experience in STEM education policy and evaluation. As Director of STEMx/Battelle, he supported and coordinated state-wide STEM education networks. He has previously guided local, state, and national STEM education policy in K-16 and outside of schools, and has worked at the White House, ICF International, and the Center for Multicultural Human Services. In these roles he has advanced national STEM education policy; promoted STEM program improvement; and supported summer programming for at-risk youth. 

Michael Green, Director, High Technology Foundation.
Serves on several additional boards at West Virginia University, and was the former President of the West Virginia State Board of Education. He also chairs the West Virginia Growth Investment Fund, an Angel Fund providing funding and mentorship to entrepreneurs and early-stage companies.

Kevin Howard, Principal Research Scientist, The Dow Chemical Company, and Co-Founder and CTO K4M Consulting.
Career involves global program leadership in new technology development and commercialization of advanced inorganic materials for Dow and expertise in technical communication, R&D organizational culture, and project execution.

Gayle Manchin
A Past-President of the National State Boards of Education (NASBE), she also served by appointment of Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan, to the Federal Improvement for Post-Secondary Education Board from 2010-2014.

Melanie Page, Associate Vice President for Creative and Scholarly Activities, West Virginia University
Works in conjunction with Dr. Fred King, Vice President for Research, and coordinates her efforts with department chairs, deans, associate deans, and members of the WVU Research Office to enable faculty success.

Donna Peduto, Executive Director, West Virginia Public Education Collaborative.
Recently served as Director of Operations for the West Virginia Board of Education, serving as a key liaison to the WVBE members, the West Virginia Department of Education executive leadership, Governor's Office, chairs of the legislative education committees, as well as other leads and organization around the state. Ms. Peduto currently serves as the Executive Director, West Virginia Public Education Collaborative (WVPEC). WVPEC is composed of various educators from West Virginia and the national arena that have come together to champion public education from early childhood to post-secondary levels at a time when it faces significant challenges but remains critically important to the nation's future.

Shelia Tobias, noted education writer, scholar, and activist, who has focused much of her career on issues in mathematics and science education. 
The author of numerous books on math avoidance and reforming college science, including Overcoming Math Anxiety, Breaking the Science Barrier, and Rethinking Science as a Career, as well as books on feminism such as Women, Militarism, and War and Faces of Feminism.