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Faculty Resources

The WVU Center for Excellence in STEM Education (WVUCE-STEM) provides a variety of resources to support faculty in their STEM education research efforts. The key offerings include faculty research outreach and faculty professional development resources.

Faculty wishing to contribute to the mission of the Center are welcome to become a member of the STEM Education Research Network. New faculty wishing to become affiliated with the Center should follow the "Join our STEM Education Research Network" link to the right. Learn more about the benefits to being a member of the STEM Education Research Network. 

WVUCE-STEM is pleased to highlight publications from WVUCE-STEM affiliated faculty on various STEM Education topics. Members of the STEM Education Research Network are welcome to submit any STEM Education publication references to be added below to:

WVUCE-STEM has compiled local, state, and national level STEM Educational resources to assist STEM Education Research Network faculty and the greater STEM Education community.