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Faculty Publications

These references highlight publications from WVUCE-STEM affiliated faculty on various STEM Education topics. Members of the STEM Education Research Network are welcome to submit any STEM Education publication references to be added below to:

Gender Differences
  • Stewart, G. & Osborn, J. (1998). Closing the Gender Gap in Student Confidence: Results from a University of Arkansas Physics Class. Journal of Women and Minorities in Science and Engineering, 4, 27.
Program Implementation
  • Stewart, G. (2014). Sustainability: Obtaining Department Buy-In. Abstract retrieved from AAPT Abstract Archive:
  • Stewart, J., Oliver III, W. , & Stewart, G. (2013). Revitalizing an Undergraduate Physics Program: A Case Study of the University of Arkansas. American Journal of Physics , 81, 943.
STEM Education Coursework
  • Stewart, J., Skinner, S., & Stewart, G. (2013). The leaf electroscope: a take home project of unusual depth.  The Physics Teacher, 48, 51, 520.
  • Stewart, G., Stewart, J., Skinner, S., Bailey, C. (1999). Using Linguistic References to Characterize Class Integration. Physics Education, 34, 266.
  • Stewart, G. (1997). Part I: Toward a System of Educational Engineering for Traditional Class Elements in Introductory Physics Courses.  Journal of Science Education and Technology, 6, 173.
  • Stewart, G., Stewart, J., Slape, S., & Osborn, J. (1997). Optimally Engineering Traditional Introductory Physics Classes. Journal of Science Education and Technology, 6(4): 297-314.
Student Performance
  • Stewart, J., Miller, M., Audo, C. & Stewart, G. (2012). Using cluster analysis to identify patterns in students' responses to contextually different conceptual problems. Physical Review - Physics Education Research, 8, 020112.
  • Stewart, J. Stewart, G., & Taylor, J. (2012). Using time-on-task measurements to understand student performance in a physics class: A four-year study. Physical Review - Physics Education Research, 8, 010114.
  • Stewart, J. & Ballard, S. (2010). Effect of Written Presentation on Performance in Introductory Physics. Physics Review - Physics Education Research, 6, 020120.
  • Stewart, J. & Stewart, G. (2010, March). Correcting the Normalized Gain for Student Guessing. Physics Teacher , 48, 194-196.
Teacher Preparation
  • Stewart, J. & Stewart, G. (2015). Case studies of successful preservice physics education programs: Physics teacher preparation at the University of Arkansas. In C. Sandifer & E. Brewe (Eds.),  Recruiting and Educating Future Physics Teachers: Case Studies and Effective (53-62). College Park, MD: American Physical Society.