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Mountaineer Mathematics Master Teachers (M3T) is aiming to build a robust talent pipeline of secondary mathematics teachers in West Virginia. This is a two-phase project. Ultimately, the project will lead to more teachers who will take on leadership roles in and out of the classroom and more students who will seek STEM degrees and career paths. In Phase I, this initiative will help develop a statewide strategy to improve support of mathematics teachers and to design a new master's degree program in secondary mathematics education.

Q: Who is the partner of M3T?

A: Mountaineer Mathematics Master Teachers has partnered with the National Science Foundation's Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship program, West Virginia University's College of Education and Human Services, Pocahontas County Schools, the West Virginia Department of Education and the American Institutes for Research.

Q: What is the value of M3T to West Virginia?

A: With 38% of West Virginia grades 7-11 mathematics classrooms led by an individual who is not certified to teacher in these classes, it is critical that we recruit, support, secure and retain secondary teachers who can take on statewide leadership roles.

Q: Why is this a natural partnership with the Center for Excellence in STEM Education?

A: The need to increase the numbers of highly qualified mathematics and science teachers is a statewide concern in West Virginia and a University-wide mission at WVU. CE-STEM is able to convene the state expert in secondary mathematics teacher preparation and the highest performing school district in West Virginia to work with the Department of Education to address this concern.

Q: What is an example of a M3T program or activity?

A: Partners will convene key stakeholders from every school district across West Virginia to lay the foundation for a broader project to develop and support the mathematics teacher-leaders West Virginia needs. Grant activities will integrate with the West Virginia Department of Education's Math for Life initiative (a Pre-K-12 campaign for mathematics achievement).

Q: What is the goal of M3T?

A: The goal of M3T is to: 1) develop a "Networked Improvement Community" to clarify and further refine the need and the way to best prepare and support Mathematics Master Teachers and teacher-leaders and 2) design a master's program in secondary mathematics and education. This will inform the design of Phase II, to support teacher leaders and leverage teacher leadership throughout the state.

For more information about M3T, contact Matthew Campbell, 304-293-4714, or email