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Enhancing STEM education.

The WVU Center for Excellence in STEM Education offers cutting-edge programs, platforms and partnerships to enhance STEM education in West Virginia at all education levels, K-20.

What we offer

Our Programs

These programs offer unique, interactive STEM training for K-12 youth, higher ed students and current educators, geared towards increasing access to high quality STEM education across West Virginia.



Offering training and resources with the goal of bringing computer science to every student in K-12 school in West Virginia.

Read More: CodeWV


Learning modules focused on energy and climate science in the Appalachian region, aligned to a range of WV science standards.

Read More: EGeoS


Supporting secondary math teachers build a stronger talent pipeline of math and STEM professionals in West Virginia.

Read More: M3T


Building a CS community among WV educators to ensure middle school students have computer science access and opportunities.

Read More: SUCCESS

Our Partnerships

These partnerships help increase the number of teachers and broaden student achievement in STEM disciplines.


Providing an accessible platform for sharing and analyzing STEM education tools.

Read More: STEMx

First2 STEM Network

Supporting rural, first-gen STEM students transition to college by offering mentorship, and advising.

Read More: First2 STEM Network


Building a national network of organizations to recruit and support STEM teachers.

Read More: Beyond100K

Association of Public and Land Grant Universities

Building a university-based education network to transform undergraduate STEM disciplines.

Read More: APLU

National Alliance for Partnerships in Equity

West Virginia educators increasing student access, equity, and workforce diversity.

Read More: NAPE

Get the Facts Out

WVU CE-STEM aims to reverse the shortage of high school chemistry, math and physics teachers by exposing benefits of becoming a math or science teacher to college STEM majors through the Get the Facts Out (GFO) project.

Read More: Get the Facts Out

By partnering with tech companies, STEM organizations, federal and state government, and higher education institutions, we build a stronger talent pipeline to fill STEM careers in West Virginia.

NSF prepares for April’s solar eclipse

NSF will host multiple outreach events at public libraries, museums and observatories across the country.

At these events, eclipse-related educational material will be available to teachers, parents and caregivers. NSF also offers many educational resources and activities on the science of eclipses.

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