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About Us

Strategic Plan


To serve a key role in improving education in the STEM disciplines, grades K-20.

The framing of our Mission:

The faculty within the Center will develop, identify and test best practices that will broaden participation, as well as improve teaching and learning in STEM fields, thereby developing a strong pipeline for STEM professionals and a scientifically literate public. This Center seeks to promote activities that improve STEM education in West Virginia K-20.

The Center will have a primary focus on trans-disciplinary research, which is work that blends approaches from multiple disciplines to address research questions.  The Center's first areas of focus are improved high school teacher preparation in the STEM disciplines and increased recruiting and retention of STEM majors. This Center will become a place where we share what we are doing, as we look to build connections that help us all take our work to the next level, and make WVU a national model for STEM education.


To break the cycle of poverty and improve health in West Virginia through education in the STEM disciplines.

The framing of our vision:

Improving STEM education for the university and the state is one of the five " Mountains of Excellence" supporting the University's strategic plan.

With faculty working together from across the university in this trans-disciplinary effort, the WVU Center for Excellence in STEM Education aspires to make WVU a national model of high quality STEM education, encouraging more students to, and retaining more students in, courses of study that will open doors to successful STEM careers. We also intend to impact science literacy so that more of our citizens can fully participate in today's democratic process. Preparing highly qualified first-year STEM high school teachers and working with them throughout their early careers, and providing rich professional development opportunities for in-service teachers are also high priority, as we seek to improve STEM education grades K-20, throughout the state, as well as for students on our own campus and those of partnering institutions.


The Center holds the following set of guiding core values:

  1. Taking an active role in educating and nurturing the next generation of scientists
  2. The generation and dissemination of knowledge to improve STEM educational outcomes
  3. Open exchange of ideas and information
  4. Equality and inclusiveness
  5. Excellence and integrity in all we do


To realize our vision, mission, and values, the WVU Center for Excellence in STEM Education has established the following goals for 2022:

  1. Increase the number of students and professionals in STEM in West Virginia.
  2. Increase STEM proficiency for all students in West Virginia and at WVU.
  3. Provide a national model of a state land grant university supporting STEM education and therefore economic growth for its state.